Temple Architecture and Construction

Temples are considered as the symbolic representation of God, To promote devotion and the concentration of innate faith in the divine being these temples are constructed. There is theory that the body is the temple, the soul is the immortal diety, so forsaker ignorance; meditate that you, atman, is God.

Temple Construction has built a reputation for Saanvicorp, the quality in custom house construction for more than three decades. Temple Construction has developed and prospered while remaining true to its basic ideals and traditions. Every day, we push our own limits by inventing better solutions that have passed our rigorous testing. We are unique in our capacity to combine the finest of the past with the best of the future.

Our team offers you professional experience ranging from design and architecture to carpentry and masonry. They use their combined technical expertise to bring your dream home to reality. The luxurious home you have imagined will be created just as you have envisioned. Our technical expertise assures you that your home will be constructed to the highest standards of structural integrity, providing you with years of enjoyable, low maintenance living. With excellent craftsmanship and extensive experience in new construction in Madison, our team meets the unique concerns of each client.

We specialize in building:
  • Shreekovil
  • Panchavargam
  • Sopanam
  • Vigrahangal
  • Pichala pothiyal
  • Chembupakal
  • Panchaloha Vigrahangal
  • Thazhikakkudam
  • Kodimaram
  • Statues
  • Pradhakshina vazhi