Builders & Developers

Saanvicorp, one of Kerala’s leading Real Estate Developers, we are committed towards premium quality, standards, and innovation. Four decades of rich experience in residential, commercial and plotted real estate enables us to provide world class living spaces mingling natural elements.

Saanvicorp is a 45-year-old corporate conglomerate with a wide range of interests. Our headquarters is in Trivandrum, and we operate in a variety of industries, including international trade, food processing, real estate, and construction. As an organization, we owe our remarkable success to teamwork and building long-term relationships. Today, being a household name, Saanvicorp stands firmly on its traditional values and is on the path of achieving unprecedented growth.​

Your house is where you spend the most significant moments of your life, where you laugh, weep, and see the world while remaining safe. At Saanvicorp, we strive to provide you houses that are genuinely yours and yours alone. A house that is an extension of yourself, a home that is a reflection of who you are, the sum total of your goals and dreams. We hope that our houses will become the focal point of a lifetime of pleasure for you, filled with your family’s love and warmth.