Infrastructure Solutions

For the last 12 years, we’ve been building and maintaining high-performance systems as a rising leader in Unified Infrastructure Services. Industry leaders and Fortune 500 MNCs are among our clients, who benefit from our services delivered from our sites across India. Saanvicorp is well-equipped to provide value-added services in all sectors of infrastructure services, such as Infrastructure.

Saanvicorp, a professionally managed unified infrastructure service providing firm, has a good understanding of the market and the dynamics that drive it, and offers an array of services in Infrastructure Consulting Services, Transaction Services, Contracting Services, and Facility Management Services across the country that adhere to international best practises.

With Saanvicorp your search ends here for Infrastructure related vendors, as we are structured to offer the entire life cycle of services. The Saanvicorp Difference is all about our clients enjoying a single window for all Infrastructure related activities, freeing them to focus on their core competency. This also eliminates related issues like empanelling multiple vendors and dealing with them. So in short what Saanvicorp helps you is in the pre and post occupancy process.

Contracting Services

Whether you’re seeking to furnish an office or build a new facility, you’ll need a partner with the experience and understanding to complete the job on time and on budget. Delivering a successful project nowadays entails more than meeting deadlines, staying under budget, and adhering to specifications. Our Contracting Services team is dedicated to assisting you in identifying and managing project risks before they become expensive.

Facility Management Services

Our Integrated Facilities Management experts continuously improve the efficiency of your infrastructure assets by lowering costs, decreasing risk, and boosting end-user happiness. We promote continual development by bringing fresh ideas and market knowledge to the table by using our experience and skills. We enable you to adapt to changes since we tailor our model to meet your demands.We deliver services for all Infrastructure asset types in your organization through dedicated on-site teams on call basis for an uninterrupted service.

Infrastructure Consulting Services

No qualifier filled footnotes! No speculations! With Saanvicorp backing you, the result is market intelligence of commercial property the way you desire it. Our private market studies provide property-oriented insights and ensure you are equipped with a feasibility study on which you can base your vital business decisions.

What Saanvicorp consultants provide their clients is a comprehensive market analysis in order to tap the opportunities. The Indian Real Estate Market has always gone through a decisive learning curve because of its various uncertainties. If you want the real estate markets to be governed in a more orderly and thoughtful approach, then look no more. We at Saanvicorp are well equipped to provide you with information about opportunities and projections of the real estate industry in the Indian markets.

Transaction Services

Want to transform your fixed assets into dynamic ones? Professionals at Saanvicorp believe in proactive asset management for their clients. We take pleasure in providing a personalised service that puts the needs of each client first. We ensure that your returns are maximised while also safeguarding your monetary assets.

Assist reputable corporate and local landowners by optimising property placement and marketing and uncovering hidden potential for our clients. We provide real estate consulting, cost of occupancy services, opportunity identification, and deal negotiation. Allow merchants and owners to enter new markets quickly, situate wisely, and optimise asset values.

Hotel Classification

A) Classification on the basis of Size.

1) Small hotel : Hotels with 25 rooms or less are classified as small hotels.
2) Medium Hotel: Hotel with twenty six to 100 rooms are called medium hotels
3) Large Hotels: Hotels with 101-300 guest rooms are regarded as large hotels
4) Very Large Hotels: Hotels more than 300 guest room are known as very large hotels

B) Classification on the basis of Star.

The classification is done by Ministry of Tourism under which a committee forms known as HRACC (Hotels and Restaurants Approval & Classification committee) headed by Director General of tourism comprising of following members are Hotel Industry Travel Agent Association Of India Departments of Tourism Principal of Regional Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition This is a permanent committee to classify hotels into 1-5 star categories. Generally inspects ones in three years In case of 4 stars, 5 Star, 5 Star deluxe categories, the procedures is to apply on a prescribed application form to director general of tourism. In case of 1, 2, 3 star category to regional director of the concerned govt of India tourist office at Delhi/Mumbai/Kolkata/Chennai.